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Leopard Print Inspiration! Home of Robert and Tanya Mendoza in Marietta, GA

The Hickman House helped to dream up this fabulous space through the inspiration of our client’s love for New Orleans and all things leopard print! We chose some beautiful, glamorous fabrics and went from there. We started with the formal dining room. Take a look…

We connected the romance of the formal dining room and the lofty entry way with some gorgeous antique, French style sconces.

The blush colored flowers scattered throughout the house are all part of our client Tanya’s special feminine touch.

We connected the romance of the formal dining room and the lofty entry way with some gorgeous, French, antique style sconces.

We kept the romance flowing throughout the home by adding gilded candle pillars and photo frames. Tanya chose this elegant horse for the entryway and adorned him with a wreath of greenery for a special touch.

In the great room, we chose linen, easy-to-manage, remote control Roman shades for all the windows. We kept the flow of our beautiful fabrics going through the decorative yet comfy pillows.

In a corner dining nook adjoining the great room, we once again featured our leopard print window treatments complimented by chairs of deep blue velvet. The luxurious fabrics combined with the modern silhouettes of the table and chairs keep the home updated and on trend while staying “classic” at the same time.

As it turns out, this stylish nook has become the perfect family spot for a nightly game of cards.

Where is the perfect place for this stylish family to keep the card deck handy?

Well…in Tanya’s leopard print bowl of course!

So, bring in the friends and family. This stunning home is ready to welcome guests. And…as they say in New Orleans, “Let The Good Times Roll!”

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Vacation Condo | Fort Lauderdale, FLA

Our client in FLA rented a “vacay spot” condo and requested The Hickman House travel down to create a cozy home away from home. She wanted to bring her love of cottage decor into her temporary rental. We chose a soft palette of blues, grays, and greens to embrace a subtle beach vibe sans anchor prints or nautical stripes.

On the console table, we decided to bring in the romance of the nearby ocean with an assortment of sea glass vases that shimmer when candlelit in the evening. The string of giant sea glass balls unifies the vignette. We filled the corner with a basic but beautiful chair,a black-white patterned throw, and a wool,textured ottoman-footstool that is both beautiful and functional. This is the perfect “corner to go” that is easy to move around wherever needed in the small space and then easy to tuck nicely back in place.

In the adjoining kitchen and dining area, we highlighted another antique serving pitcher from GA and our client’s assortment of glazed pottery coffee mugs. Her hand-picked wooden signs dotted throughout the space make her smile and also help continue to create that home away from home feeling. We strategically placed her green ceramic serving pitcher against the blue kitchen tiles for the maximum impact of our color scheme. An artisan-crafted white bowl was waiting to be filled with fruit as soon as our client settled into her new place. This unique piece below, housing some feathered friends, is also a gift from her Mom. We repurposed the piece to hold our client’s phone while she is spending time in the kitchen cooking or entertaining.

We filled nooks and crannies of the condo that provide surfaces to be used for whatever is needed at the moment whether it be a drink, a candle, or a portable speaker. We extended the “cottage feel” into the bedroom by repeating our theme of restful colors, wall florals, and plush pillows offering varying patterns and textures. We even found this dainty, bedside lamp glazed and handcrafted with intricate, three-dimensional flower petals to adorn our dreamy retreat. We forgo a headboard to simplify the small space even more. In one bedroom corner, we topped a tall, narrow dresser with a stunning, glass vase filled with faux fern fronds and allium blooms. The dresser’s muted color and the unfinished texture of the wood keep the eclectic but harmonious continuity flowing from the wooden wall art to the wooden console table and throughout the other pieces with similar finishes. We completed this vignette with a bundle of antique books, a favorite picture of our client’s niece and nephew, and another decorative sign to evoke a smile of relaxation.

Our client requested a spot in her new place for her niece’s personally painted, hand-signed Kermit The Frog piece shown below. Since we decided to let bright colors “pop” a bit more in the powder room, we created just the perfect spot for our lovable Kermit. We often find, in decorating, that the powder room is a great place for a few cheery or quirky surprises to add interest to your space. Here another feathered friend sings “All Is Well With My Soul” from the wall art. The wooden window frame is painted and distressed in a muted turquoise color. It holds a mirror that reflects Kermit’s happy smile as well as the bird’s joyful song. We purposed a small and delicate pottery piece shown below to serve as a tiny jewelry tray ready for guests to hold their rings as they wash their hands. To keep the cottage vibe going, we added a candle-filled mason jar and a hydrangea beauty.

After we completed all the finishing touches in the indoor space of the condo, we  symmetrically placed two wooden Adirondack chairs on the poolside balcony privately covered by palm fronds. We specifically chose a “see through” table so the tropical view from inside the condo would not be blocked from any angle. Outdoors we added a giant fan, a citronella candle, comfy seating pillows, and “voila!” — this vacay spot” became a home. Finally, there was only one thing left to do…

Go to the beach of course!!!

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Home Staging in Marietta, GA

After we staged this home, it sold in just three days on the market! We transformed this space by rearranging furniture, putting down accent rugs, and adding decorative accessories. To liven up the space, we scattered throws and textured pillows in warm colors around the main living area so guests would feel “welcomed home” as soon as they walked in the front door. We swapped out draperies for some lovely, sheer curtains in order to bring in more light since potential buyers are oftentimes desiring a light, airy, and refreshing atmosphere when choosing a house. We also purchased a stylish statement chair for the living space that the owner was excited to take on with her to her next home. When the decorating process was complete, the owner’s agent listed the house. Three days later…SOLD!

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Speed Decorating | Home in Miami, FL

This was a Speed Decorating weekend in Miami. Look what three girls can get done in a jiffy when we put our minds and hands to it! Our client wanted to turn an extra bedroom/office that was basically a throw away space into an inviting place that felt like home. We changed the color palette, put together some furniture, found the perfect complimenting accessories and a once drab, unforgettable room became a light, bright, and beautiful guest room.

What a satisfying weekend project! What a difference from Friday to Monday! Sometimes The Hickman House Speed Decorating is the way to go. No room is too insignificant to give it a little TLC. You’ll feel such an accomplishment as you add style and value to your home room by room.

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Home of Paola Pichardo in Marietta, GA

Our client in Marietta, GA moved into her new house with little to no furniture but with lots of vision and excitement for the future of her new home. Upon request, the owner left the previous dining table and so we began designing this space with a base to work around. We created a “cozy feel”using soothing greens, grays, and blues. We incorporated her family heirloom Grandfather Clock as well as art from the Dominican Republic painted by her aunt. We chose a white china collection to create an accent wall to go along with her mother’s white China tureen as our table centerpiece. We displayed our client’s enjoyment of entertaining and her fondness for her family at the same time. She loved it!

Adjacent to our client’s dining area is her living room space. Since it is also connected to her sun room where the lush GA greenery is showcased most of the months of the year, she wanted the feel of peaceful and restful nature to continue to flow throughout the whole downstairs floor plan. We used fresh colors, tufted chairs, a sturdy over-sized couch lined with a variety of gentle yet textured pillows, a fluffy reading chair you can sink into, a wooden family chest full of extra floor pillows, along with several, soft, knitted throw blankets for watching TV or just relaxing and listening to the birds. We then showcased a menagerie of wall art hand picked by our client.

We flanked the once bare fireplace with lanterns, an antique silver candelabra, antique glass, standing sconces, pottery, and more visions of nature. It flows seamlessly from the indoors to the outdoors and creates the exact kind of relaxed gathering spot she wanted.

For Paola’s breakfast nook adjacent to her kitchen, we placed a circular dining set made of rich wood that well accompanied the heirloom Grandfather clock near by. We removed the TV hardware mounted above the fireplace and added a backdrop more suited to bring warmth and coziness to the space. Paola chose the barn painting which helped us to know the feel she wanted this room. To fill up the corner we added a rolling bar cart on which we included her mother’s vintage pewter tea set and exquisite, heavy, crystal decanters as well. Lastly, we found the perfect vintage ceramic pitcher at local flea market to pull it all together.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, we kept things dreamy and feminine. We chose an oversized, tufted headboard and piled layers and layers of fluffy, fuzzy pillows on the bed. The elegant bench at the foot of the bed is the perfect spot to lay the extra pillows when it’s time to drift away to Never Never Land. We finished the space off by arranging another “inspiration wall” with sentiments our client loved. Then, maybe best of all according to Paola, we made sure she had stylish shelf space for her love of good books! This HOUSE had now become a HOME just waiting to be “lived in!”

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Garden Style

Ever want a fresh, garden style to liven up your home but just don’t have a green thumb? What if we showed you how to create a “garden spot” indoors and bring greenery into your home WITHOUT having to water a million plants? Just think about having your own “enchanted garden” to enjoy during all four seasons. At the Hickman House we love demonstrating how to achieve that style! First, choose a room for your “garden spot” and then hang wall art as your backdrop featuring floral beauty or any natural scenic view. After choosing a pastoral scene as our starting point, we used a step by step layering process including dried flowers, succulents, and pottery pieces mixed along with elements of wood, stone, and wrought iron. Finally, we grabbed one of our robin-egg blue, garden stools to plop our feet up on and reached for the Garden Issue of our Mississippi magazine.

To see more pictures and read about our full nine step layering process join our mailing list today and never miss an update!

Images by Benvil Photography

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Intimate and Elegant Dining

How do you design a room that feels BOTH elegant and intimate? How do you create a beautiful dining room and yet make it cozy, comfortable, and inviting? Elegance doesn’t have to feel like untouchable perfection. It can feel like a place where your dinner guests will want to linger, laugh, and make memories. First consider the size of the room and your furniture. Deciding on a mixed variety of seating can keep things interesting. We created a focal point by setting the scene with a stylish mirror and a unique vase full of flowers atop a stunning antique white finished sideboard. The oversized candles portray that “old world” patina. The beveled glass window panels add height and grandeur to this room. You can’t create ambiance without lighting. Here, old meets new…my mother’s buffet lamps make an encore appearance along with a reimagined basket weave. A beautiful six candle chandelier tops things off leaving the room open, airy and elegant! Subscribe to our email list where we demonstrate in depth the steps Adrian took in creating a room for entertaining with a posh sense of style that whispers of refinement.

Images by Benvil Photography

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Fresh, Clean, and Spring!

Ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to sunnier days? Ready to welcome spring? How about a weekend brunch anyone? Or maybe tea and scones in the afternoon? At The Hickman House we made a short list of easy ways to create a fresh, springtime look and feel. Get ready to open the windows, invite friends over, listen to the birds chirp, and let the sunlight in!


One of the things we love at The Hickman House about white dishware is that you can find it anywhere from low end to high end. Then you can mix and match it all. Here at this serving station we have pretty dishes designed with a beautifully raised fruit-and-vine motif around the edges. Believe it or not, we found them at the Dollar Tree! We displayed them on an antique, iron plate rack I found at one of my most frequented home design stores, Casabella. We used this combo as part of our backdrop decor to bring both beauty and height to our vignette. Then we stacked simple, plain, unadorned white dishes for guests to use. The more splashes of white you can add to your home the better if you want it to feel light and airy. Here the white cabinets in my friend Jennifer’s beautiful kitchen set the scene perfectly for us.


Nothing says natural and delicious like a bowl of fresh fruit. Here we filled a wooden bowl brought back from a memorable trip to Costa Rica with bright green pears that give a pop of color. A bowl of fresh fruit can be an easy alternative to a floral centerpiece. Remember the dinner party scene in the movie The Break Up when Jennifer Aniston sent Vince Vaughn out for the perfect number of lemons needed for her table centerpiece? I’ve loved decorating with a bowl of fresh lemons in my kitchen ever since! When I’m thinking “fruit decor” I often color coordinate to keep things restful for the eye. For example, I’ll pair avocados with limes or pears with green apples. A colorful, citrus mix of lemons, limes, and mandarins in a big bowl with some eucalyptus leaves also makes a festive centerpiece. Pomegranates can be luscious and pretty to decorate with as well.


Don’t skimp on collecting some decorative cloth napkins. It’s true that the little luxuries make a huge difference. Taking the time to serve with “formal” napkins brings thoughtfulness and graciousness to any occasion. Plus, it’s an easy way to live green! Don’t get me wrong. I do have a stack of beautiful paper napkins with interesting designs and colorful patterns stashed in my pantry. Party City always has prints I love! I use them when my teenage girls are having friends over or maybe for family pizza nights etc. However, if I am serving dinner for family and friends or having girlfriends over for brunch, I so enjoy going into my collection of kitchen linens and creating the perfect place setting. Here at our serving station we used simple, gray linen napkins with decorative napkin rings made of ceramic pottery both of which I also found at Casabella. It’s as if delicate spring birds have arrived and have alighted gently on top of each folded, linen napkin. If you don’t have napkin rings you can find creative ways to separate each napkin. For example, you could always tie a tiny piece of twine into a pretty bow around each one. Maybe even place a twig of fresh rosemary inside each bow as well? It’s the special little touches that show your hospitality.


It’s important to use a mix of natural elements to keep your decor feeling both collected and spontaneous. We chose an antiqued French winery rattan basket from Pottery Barn to mimic an afternoon picnic basket. We draped some trending white, wooden beads around it to make our “indoor picnic” a little more upscale. Our stone vase we used for our floral arrangement mimics the weathered yet sophisticated stone of a garden fountain. Our large, polished wooden bowl mimics the rings you’d see within the stump of huge tree trunk in a forest. Then to keep things from getting too rustic, we mixed in the crisp, clean, white dishes and the pewter serving piece. It’s shiny metal patina is the perfect juxtaposition to our other warm, natural elements.

So now we have the backdrop ready to greet our friends and welcome spring! If you really want to go the extra mile in creating a certain kind of atmosphere then feel free to coordinate your dress with your decor. In my case I pulled out my J Crew blue pin-striped, seersucker sundress. Adrian went with a sky blue linen button-up and the classic white tee. All we need now is the quiche and the mimosas. Brunch anyone?

Images by Nichole Crosier Photography

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Give your mantle the “Clean Look”

How do you decorate a mantle with simplicity without it looking bare or boring? For the minimalist who still wants some decor “flare” it can be hard to split the difference. At the home of one of my “style-icon friends” (Thanks Jen!) we’ll demonstrate how to do just that.

1 Find unique objects that are interesting to showcase like this collection of Adrian’s candle holders, for example. They are streamlined and clean to the eye and yet each one of them has a different, aged patina to it. Their beauty is simply captivating. They all vary in heights to keep the eye pleasantly roving just a bit. Love them but don’t have time to go antiquing? Get some brass candle holders at the thrift store, some paint made to distress furniture, some glaze made for “antiquing” and create your own collection.

2 Have a centerpiece on the wall above the mantel. It can be leaning against the wall or hung. Whether rectangular, square, or round, the largest object over a mantle needs to be placed directly in the center in order to anchor the whole look. Think of it as your backdrop for whatever scene you are creating. Here, this circular gold mirror from Target nicely reflects the flickering candle flames at night as well as featuring up-close the grassy texture of the moss balls strewn across the wooden mantle.

3 Balance the left side of the mantel with the right side without feeling it always has to be”matchy-matchy.” Here we took our collection of moss balls of varying shapes and sizes and placed the largest one on the outer side of the mantel. Then we worked our way towards the middle with smaller ones. We wanted to “connect” the two sides of the mantel so the eye moves smoothly from one side of our “scenescape” to the other. Although the decorative balls were placed very deliberately, the goal was for them to look as natural as if they had just rolled in straight from the greenery showcased in the adjacent window.

4 Don’t forget about the hearth! That’s like getting dressed and choosing the perfect top from your closet along with its complimenting jewelry and then forgetting to put your pants on! Here we took Adrian’s large, basket vase with a natural and black print to give the whole scene a little contemporary pop while still keeping within our simple color scheme of white, natural wood, and soft greens. Touches of black here and there will ground a whole look. This vase had just the right amount of “heaviness” to sit alone on a hearth. Smaller decorations tend to get lost on a hearth so save them for the mantel and keep the chunky pieces for down below. We placed some “neutral greenery” in our vase and completed our look. If it is Fall or Winter and you want to use the fireplace, simply place your hearth decor on either side of the fireplace.

Arrange your furniture so that your mantel can be a focal point of the room. In this case, Jen’s fireplace is flanked by comfy, inviting chairs that add to the serenity of the room. We added my Pottery Barn cream and brown ticking pillows to tie this scene all together.

Lastly, look at your mantel as your own personal work of art. You can change it seasonally or any time you are ready to create a new “scenescape”. Now invite your friends over for some good hang time and enjoy your new art work. Or better yet, grab a good book or favorite magazine and admire your creation in quiet solitude. At The Hickman House, we love decorating mantels in all different genres of styles. We have a lot more ideas we will share so stay tuned!

Images by Nichole Crosier Photography