When I was in the process of getting my home ready to sell, my friend Kristi offered to help me stage it. The almost immediate change of my entire downstairs was completely shocking it looked so good! Even my children were in awe when they came home! My house then sold in three days. Next I purchased my dream home and decided to hire The Hickman House to make my dream home exactly what I wanted it to be and now it is! I knew exactly what colors I liked and I showed them exactly what style I wanted. Then, as my teenage daughter says, I let Kristi “do her magic.” Adrian has also spent hours at my new space bringing her special touches and making sure everything is perfect. When both you and your two daughters say it’s perfect then you know it really is! I can’t wait to show it off. My favorite room just might be the enclosed porch patio and I also can’t wait for warm weather to throw a party. I truly am beyond excited about my new home. Thank you Kristi and Adrian at The Hickman House!

-Sara C.

Even though I live in Charleston and The Hickman House is based in Atlanta, Kristi has helped me immensely in decorating my newly bought home. Even though my husband and I have a very clear vision of the classic, clean and beautiful Charleston style that suits our newly built home, it is so nice to have a decorator to run things by and make decisions. Since my husband is a neurologist, I am a nurse practitioner, and we have two small children, we are quite busy as you can imagine. Kristi has come to our home and hung almost all our wall art and family pictures as well as helped choose light fixtures and helped with shelf decorating. In one day we accomplished the decorating that my husband and I hadn’t found the time in weeks to get done. I am often consulting long distance with Kristi at The Hickman House on making style decisions or choosing the things that really pull my home all together as we finish decorating it room by room. I would highly recommend The Hickman House.

-Lindsey C.

I highly recommend Adrian Hickman for any of your home decorating needs. After seeing some of her work I hired her to decorate a room in my new home which I get a lot of compliments on. What impressed me most was her passion for what she does. She loves interior decorating and it shows. She is professional, knowledgeable & takes the time to get to know her clients likes and dislikes so she can provide a  design that they will really love. If you are thinking about decorating or redecorating give them a call….. Then expect compliments 😁

-Christa A.

Adrian did an amazing job with my first home! I was impressed with her professionalism, her ability to make sense of my ideas even when I couldn’t quite articulate what I wanted. I appreciated her patience with me throughout the entire process. She exceeded my expectations with the finished home design. I felt like the people do on HGTV when they first see their home. I ALWAYS get compliments every time someone new enters my home and I always them I had a great interior designer!

-Jacqueline G.

I give 5 stars! I’ve lived in my home for ten years and my bedroom was basic, cluttered with papers and contained all the materials needed to enjoy my hobby of designing jewelry,. I was getting married in a few months and I had no idea how to transform my “jewelry studio” into a true bedroom. Adrian created a incredibly accurate floor plan and a design suggestions and photos of furniture to meet my need for storage (jewelry), style and comfort. I loved every piece and suggestion and they now fit perfectly in our bedroom. I’ve decided to repaint the interior of my home and plan to use her services once again.

-Lauri B.

After buying my new house I decided to do some renovations. I had seen what The Hickman House had done for a close friend of mine when I visited GA and decided I wanted their expertise in decorating for my new home. Even though my “style” wasn’t the same as my friend who recommended them, The Hickman House consulted with me on floor finishes, paint colors, etc. and helped me nail exactly what I was personally envisioning. When it was time for the finishing touches Kristi flew to Miami for a few days of “speed decorating.” Simply by choosing all the accessories for my great room and dining room they went from looking good to looking like right out of a magazine style. Then, to top it all off she completely transformed a sizable home office just off the garage into a soft, inviting, luscious feeling bedroom that could become my guest quarters. No one would believe it was ever a home office before! The Hickman House definitely can deliver on whatever style you choose and lots of it!

-Naomi C.

“After recently purchasing a new home, I really wanted it to be beautiful, warm, inviting, cozy and elegant all at the same time. I of course had no idea how to do that but Kristi definitely did. She turned my ‘pretty’ home into one where everyone who walks in through the door says…Wow! Together we figured out what my style was, what I liked and didn’t like, and she ran with it. She was full of ideas and suggestions. One thing I really appreciated was how she stuck to the budget. She made a detailed plan of what each thing needed in each room and how much that would cost, and then helped me prioritize each room until the whole house was done. It made it very easy for me to plan. Thank you Kristi, for giving me my dream home!”

-Paola P.