Consultation Service

Our collaboration with our client starts here. We will tour your space(s) and begin to create a plan for your preferred home design. The consultation service includes:

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  1. An in-home visit with Adrian or Kristi where we gather information allowing us to identify, understand, and interpret your individualized taste and preferences. We will discuss design plans that will reflect your unique style. Areas of interpretation will include:
    • Design style
    • Room schemes and furniture configuration
    • Lighting choices
    • Color and pattern schemes
    • Accessories
  2. The desired space(s) for decorating are photographed and measured.
  3. A project plan is written in detail for the client’s consideration.
  4. Budget options are created and is dependent on scope of work.

    Price $125

Express Decorating Service

This service is for a room(s) that needs a before and after design team. We will rearrange your space using what you already have plus shopping for additional accessories and furniture that will enhance the space. Express Decorating is helpful for:

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  • Starter homes
  • New purchases
  • Downsizing spaces
  • Hosting a special event in your home or another chosen space
  • A “just because” home refresh and change of scenery.

    Price is dependent upon space measurement and number of rooms

Full-Service Custom Decorating Service

We will create a design and decor plan that will bring the dreams for your home to life. We will help improve the quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your space. We believe a well-designed home should be both livable and inspirational. This service includes:

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  1. Collaboration to determine an approved design plan, an approved budget, and an approved time frame for completion.
  2. Project management of general contractor or other trades people working simultaneously on the specified project.
  3. Multiple floor plan choices presented that include choices of color, fabric, furniture selection, lighting selection, window treatments, decor accessories as well as other upgrade building materials such as kitchen cabinet options, stone, granite, marble, hardware, and flooring.

    Price is dependent upon space measurement and scope of work

Home Staging Service

In this service we help get homes on the market ready to sell. We will help decorate and streamline the atmosphere of the home, so it becomes easier to visualize as a future home for the buyer. The National Association of Realtors revealed that 96% of buyer’s agents say that staging effects the buyer’s view of the home. We offer staging services for occupied homes where we primarily utilize the majority of the client’s furnishings. We provide additional accessories when appropriate.

Price is dependent upon space measurement and number of rooms.