Meet Kristi and Adrian

Co-founders of the Hickman House:

Interior decorating, staging, styling.

Image by Nichole Crosier Photography


We provide interior decorating, styling, and staging. We collaborate with our clients to create spaces in which they can both recharge and relax. A home shouldn’t be just a place you live, it should be a place you thrive. It should be a place that makes you look forward to coming home! It should be your haven, your nest, and your own personal castle whether small or large. A well designed home can be both livable and inspirational. We help our clients find a vision for their individualized style and then we make it come to life. We believe that when your own unique style is reflected in your personal space, it prompts you to dream and flourish. Waking up in a beautiful space that you love can make all the difference! At The Hickman House that is our passion. We invite you to join us in experiencing The Hickman House life and style.

Image by Nichole Crosier Photography

-Kristi and Adrian