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Intimate and Elegant Dining

How do you design a room that feels BOTH elegant and intimate? How do you create a beautiful dining room and yet make it cozy, comfortable, and inviting? Elegance doesn’t have to feel like untouchable perfection. It can feel like a place where your dinner guests will want to linger, laugh, and make memories. First consider the size of the room and your furniture. Deciding on a mixed variety of seating can keep things interesting. We created a focal point by setting the scene with a stylish mirror and a unique vase full of flowers atop a stunning antique white finished sideboard. The oversized candles portray that “old world” patina. The beveled glass window panels add height and grandeur to this room. You can’t create ambiance without lighting. Here, old meets new…my mother’s buffet lamps make an encore appearance along with a reimagined basket weave. A beautiful six candle chandelier tops things off leaving the room open, airy and elegant! Subscribe to our email list where we demonstrate in depth the steps Adrian took in creating a room for entertaining with a posh sense of style that whispers of refinement.

Images by Benvil Photography