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Garden Style

Ever want a fresh, garden style to liven up your home but just don’t have a green thumb? What if we showed you how to create a “garden spot” indoors and bring greenery into your home WITHOUT having to water a million plants? Just think about having your own “enchanted garden” to enjoy during all four seasons. At the Hickman House we love demonstrating how to achieve that style! First, choose a room for your “garden spot” and then hang wall art as your backdrop featuring floral beauty or any natural scenic view. After choosing a pastoral scene as our starting point, we used a step by step layering process including dried flowers, succulents, and pottery pieces mixed along with elements of wood, stone, and wrought iron. Finally, we grabbed one of our robin-egg blue, garden stools to plop our feet up on and reached for the Garden Issue of our Mississippi magazine.

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Images by Benvil Photography